Arman Iranian Legal & Economic Studies Institute, holder of National Identity Code No. 10103991337, has been registered under number 24323 with the Tehran Companies and Non-commercial Establishments. It is a firm engaged in various services in the areas of legal, economic affairs and document archiving of companies, entities and organizations.
The founders of the institute are the principal corporate lawyers of the well-known international law offices of Nouraei & Mostafavi (www. During their long career they realized the necessity of such an institute for meeting certain needs of their clients and other applicants.
The primary areas of activity of Arman Iranian are:

  • Supply of legal services, consultation, research, translation and publication of general and applied books and articles in the fields of law, economy, commerce and industry
  • Negotiation, arbitration, litigation
  • Registration of companies and establishments
  • Liquidation of companies and institutions
  • Registration of marks, patents, industrial designs
  • Registration of internet domains
  • Market studies
  • Status reports and credit rating
  • Drawing up memorandums of understanding, agreements and contracts
  • Translation
  • Digitalization of documents and creating web-based archives
  • Creating software and digital programs
  • Export and import of products and services relating to the above activities.


Status Report and Credit Rating Translation of Legal and Technical Texts Contracts Research Debt Collection Legal Services
Selected News Digital Archive of Documents and Information Registration of Companies Registration of Industrial Property Registration of Internet Domains Liquidation of Companies